1.The name and registered office of the association

The name of the association is Verkkoteollisuus ry, in Swedish ECommerce Finland rf. The Association is domiciled in Helsinki.

2.Purpose and quality of operation

The purpose of the association is

  • to act as the national central organization of its members,
  • promote the general conditions for online business and distance selling in Finland,
  • to develop the domestic and international competitiveness of Finnish companies,
  • to oversee the general and collective business interests and rights of its members in the sector,
    contribute to the development of the professional skills of its members, and
  • promote the external image of its members.

To accomplish its purpose, the Association takes initiatives and presentations, gives opinions, organizes meetings, training, advisory services, networking and lecture events, engages in research, publication, exhibition and information activities in the public interest, represents its members nationally and internationally. organizations.The association may accept donations to support its activities. The purpose of the association is not to seek financial profit.


A legal entity, co-operative, association, or other entity that accepts the purpose and by-laws of an association may become a full member of the Association.

A legal entity, a cooperative, an association or other entity and any natural person who wishes to support the purpose and operation of the association may be admitted as a supporting member.A regular member can join the association by paying a membership fee. Supporting members are approved by the board of the association upon application.At the proposal of the Board of Directors, a person who has significantly promoted and supported the activities of the Association may be called an honorary member.

4.Resignation and dismissal of a Member

A member has the right to resign by notifying the board or its chairman in writing or by notifying the minutes of the meeting at the meeting of the association. The Board may dismiss a member from the Association if the Member has failed to pay its outstanding membership fee or otherwise failed to fulfill obligations to which it has committed by joining the Association or has materially damaged the Association, the branch represented by the Association or its activities; conditions. If a member has not paid its membership fee despite the reminder, the CEO may consider the member resigned automatically.

5.Membership fee and other expenses

The amount of the annual membership fee to be paid to full and profitable members shall be decided by the meeting of the association on the basis of a proposal by the board. Payment of the membership fee entitles the association to membership for one year from the due date of the membership fee invoice. The meeting of the association may also decide on a one-off membership fee covering several years.

The membership fees of regular members may vary depending on the type of entity and the size of the member’s business. The Board of Directors may decide on the additional membership fee upon authorization of the Autumn Meeting. The additional membership fee may not exceed the annual membership fee. Honorary Members do not pay membership fees.