In Canada, you can buy Boldabol in online store

In Canada, you can buy Boldabol in online store

Brand the British Dragon Pharmaceuticals from Thailand releases into production this anabolic androgenic steroid. Its active ingredient is boldenone undecylate . Vendors specializing in the supply of sports pharmacology products obtain steroids directly from the manufacturer. This reduces the likelihood of a customer purchasing a counterfeit product.

The creators of boldenone undecylate at one time hoped to develop an improved version of methandrostenolone giving it a longer duration of action. With the similarity of chemical formulas, it differs from testosterone by the presence of a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms, but still acquired completely different properties. The price of Bolbadol is quite reasonable. Information source:

In terms of anabolic activity, it is equal to testosterone, and in terms of androgenic activity, it is twice as low. With moderate androgenic activity, the drug can be used by women. The influence of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase causes the conversion of an insignificant amount of the hormone into dihydroboldenone, the androgenic activity of which is seven times stronger than that of testosterone. Therefore, the secretion of natural testosterone is inhibited to a lesser extent and the side effects of androgenic properties are almost not manifested.

Boldabol exhibits estrogenic activity insignificantly, non-toxic to the liver . The action of an anabolic androgenic steroid manifests itself slowly, lasts a long time, but is also detected by means of doping control after a long time after use. This must be taken into account for athletes who intend to regularly participate in official tournaments in order not to be subject to disqualification.

Boldabol: a description of the positive effect

It is advised to buy Boldabol for those who do not strive for a rapid build-up of muscle mass, preferring to get dense muscles that gradually increase in volume. Completing the course leads to :

  • a small increase in muscle mass when it acquires dryness and stiffness, expressive relief and noticeably emerging venousness;
  • an increase in appetite, which is very useful from the point of view of feeding the body with additional energy resources for a qualitative improvement in the condition of the muscles;
  • significant increase in endurance and physical strength.

How to build a Boldabol course and post-cycle therapy

Course Boldabola calculated not less than the eight to ten weeks as the drug acts gradually. Performing one injection per week, the hormonal level is maintained by injecting 400-800 mg of the drug. A truly effective and safe action is provided precisely in this dosage range, a decrease leads to a drop in the effectiveness of the course, with an increase, the likelihood of side effects sharply increases. For post-cycle therapy, starting two weeks after the completion of the course, it is enough to use testosterone boosters for a month .

Novice athletes who want to gain muscle mass are advised to try this scheme, which provides for use in a ten-week course with three-week rehabilitation therapy:

  • 200-250 mg of Boldabol;
  • 250-300 mg of testosterone enanthate;
  • anastrozole or letrozole;
  • tamoxifen.

If the goal is to gain hard muscles, then it can be used in combination with Boldabol:

  • winstrol;
  • testosterone propionate .

Possibility of side effects

The use of Boldabol is recommended as a very safe anabolic androgenic steroid. Indeed, it is extremely rare for athletes to mention side effects caused by the estrogenic activity of the drug. It is half that of testosterone, and does not lead to the corresponding side effects, such as swelling, gynecomastia and an increase in blood pressure, even in cases where the weekly dosage of the drug is 1000 mg. Therefore, the course schemes do not include the use of antiestrogens. More details:

Due to the low androgenic activity, injectable Boldabol is readily used by women involved in bodybuilding, since it is extremely safe in relation to the risk of developing manifestations of masculinization.