How to buy and shoot a weapon in CS:GO correctly

How to buy and shoot a weapon in CS:GO correctly

Everyone who watches the performances of professional players in CS:GO, wants to show the same results. Many people say that a beginner needs a lot of hard training to achieve high results. But the truth is that you just need a good weapon and the ability to use it. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. If you want access to skins and other merchandise, you should also check out

The road to success

First of all you need to go to Steam and find a game called CS:GO. But please don’t mix up CS: Source and Day of Defeat: Source. The games are terribly similar, but believe me, this is not what you need. Before you click on “install,” free up some disk space. You will need about 23 gigabytes. Of that, about half of it is weapon skins. After 15-20 minutes, depending on the Internet, you will have a loading screen, on which you can see the operation “Broken Fang”. Feel free to ignore it and the settings. Only beginners try to customize the game for themselves. One thing is important to us – to play CS:GO. Several game modes will immediately appear on the screen: normal, fight to the death, war games and restricted area. Practice with the bots or take instruction, we do not recommend – too tedious and long. Choose the official selection of games and click “start”. 

All to win

From this point, the most interesting part begins. You need to choose a team – Contras or Terrorists. To buy a gun – have to kill. A lot and often. The base amount of money is not enough for something serious. It makes sense to buy the first earned money Desert Eagle caliber 50. High damage and good recoil. Such an item is nice to hold in the hand. Other pistols look like child’s playthings against it. When you have saved enough money, you can shoot it. 

You have to be able to align your crosshairs with the enemy’s head to shoot, let alone to hit him. Only newcomers open fire on the enemy’s body. We need headshots to get noticed in the professional sphere. Forget about the armor and grenades, they are not necessary for real shooters. First in the turn we have AK-47. To get it, you have to press a combination of the keys B, 4, 2. Done – you are invincible. All that remains is to study the map and run towards the enemy. If you have a bomb, you’d better drop it or just forget about it.

Aligning the sight with the head of the enemy, click on the left mouse button. Or better yet, just hold it down and shoot at the feet. Thanks to a strong spread, you will hit your opponent’s head. This way you can earn money. If you run out of ammo, just throw this iron and pick up the M-16 from the corpse. The second tip is a little more interesting. If you want to kill without a scope, you’ll need a black marker and a monitor. Switch to the gun and put a black dot on the screen where the center of the scope is. Done! Now you have your own modified scope that even the developers can’t take away.

Of course this is a joke, and you should do things differently in the game if you want to get serious results. Additionally, you can use to find skins and other stuff.