TOP DevOps Outsourcing Companies

TOP DevOps Outsourcing Companies

In today’s digital world “DevOps” is the most popular term-abbreviation exceeded only by SRE (site reliability engineering). What is DevOps? It can mean a lot of things for different experts. Some consider DevOps a significant shift in corporate culture to bring all key software production teams together. Some experts treat DevOps as a methodology to streamline software development and delivery process.

Both explanations are right — DevOps is an approach or set of practices to automate and optimize SDLC (software development lifecycle) for teams to deliver high-quality, customer-oriented software as fast as possible. Who doesn’t want that? We described every IT organization’s shimmering dream here. That’s why many IT companies of all sizes and focus industries try to adopt the DevOps methodology. If this is your dream as well, you should know that adopting DevOps is not an easy thing to do. You have two ways: 1 – to grow an in-house DevOps team or 2 – to turn to a mature DevOps outsourcing company that provides DevOps services. Growing an in-house DevOps team is a very time, money and energy-consuming process, especially for SMBs and startups. If this is your case or you simply don’t waste extra resources you should shake your hands with DevOps outsourcing companies. Here we will give a couple of top DevOps companies that can help you, but you should know this list can be much wider. 

DevOpsProdigy “Outperform your competition” – DevOpsProdigy is a full-service website infrastructure company specializing in optimizing their client’s systems to handle heavy traffic loads so that it can effortlessly handle 100x more users than before our expert auditing and optimizations. They build high-performance systems, improve stability of existing systems, monitor and improve observability, and ensure 24/7 support and coverage.

InfraPros “Cloud solutions. Delivered!” – a software-driven firm with the processes and experience to deliver next-generation cloud solutions. They have been designing and building cloud services for years and have the right expertise to deliver exceptional solutions that maximize value for IT business.

IT Svit. “Great ideas deserve great implementation!” It is a DevOps company that specializes in the delivery of stable, reliable and cost-efficient DevOps Services to companies in the USA and throughout the world. It Svit consists of dedicated teams with 15 years of expertise in IT outsourcing and more than 5 years in DevOps as a service. IT Svit professionals utilize the best DevOps practices, cloud features and tools to design, carry out and operate cost-effective cloud infrastructure together with automation of all the cycles.

Prolifics. “Let DevOps be your superpower!” Founded in 1978, this USA company provides proficient advising, engineering and directed services for all who need them. It could be initial consulting and strategy, design and implementation or ongoing analysis and guidance, in all cases, Prolifics will do its best for your IT company to have rapid business growth.

IT business’ main goal is to deliver software of high quality as quickly as possible and get their customers’ expectations met and hopefully exceeded. With DevOps, teams significantly improve their productivity as they get their SDLC automated and optimized at most.  If your choice is to adopt and implement DevOps methodology into your company, we strongly recommend you to consult professional DevOps companies on your roadmap. If you want your software to be delivered to the optimal and cost-efficient cloud-based infrastructure, you should turn to DevOps outsourcing companies for them to design and implement one for you. Professional outsourcing DevOps teams will not only provide best DevOps services for you but also support your teams with all necessary tech documentation.