When do problems with potency begin?

When do problems with potency begin?

Many men believe that andropause is a female myth, invented to influence the stronger sex and trying to match the aging of the male body to the female. And yet, unfortunately, men also exhibit natural processes called menopause. Changes occur in the brain, in the hypothalamus, due to which, with age, you can not avoid the disruption of production of hormones that “deal” with the activity of the sex glands. This means that less testosterone is produced, which for men is more important than others. It is his level slowly begins to decline after 25 years. True, at this age, with physical activity and a proper lifestyle, you can not even guess about it. If you have a desire to try special medications, visit https://svensktapotek.net/.

Problems with potency and the general state of the body

Then, when the problems become at least somewhat noticeable, a man may feel devastated, experience outbursts of irritation and depression, may begin to change partners to regain self-confidence. Except that the problem is not limited to psychology: during this period, the risk of stroke and heart attack increases, and other diseases manifest themselves:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • osteoporosis;
  • obesity.

You can find out about the condition of your body by going to the doctor and having blood, urine and saliva tests for hormones. Only a specialist can tell you exactly when sexual function may begin to decline dramatically. Problems with potency can occur at different ages:

  • At 45 and a little earlier;
  • At the age of 50-60 years (average for the emergence of such changes);
  • After 60 (the period of late andropause).

But how do you explain the fact that some men already at 40 have problems with potency, and someone in 80 is able to get married again? It depends on many factors:

  • genetics;
  • lifestyle;
  • temperament and character;
  • regularity and quality of intimate life;
  • presence/absence of chronic diseases of the sexual sphere.

Of course, an active man with a regular sex life, who exercises and eats right food has a better chance of maintaining sexual health. After all, “littered” toxins in the body, high cholesterol, obesity, physical inactivity and stress are unlikely to have a positive effect on potency, and health in general.

What to do?

To stay active and healthy for many years, a man (and, of course, his beloved woman) should start taking care of a proper lifestyle as early as possible. Alarming signs can be the use of alcohol, loss of interest in your favorite activities, immersion in work and craving for adrenaline, the search for drugs to increase potency. It is hardly necessary to take the situation to an extreme, if everything can be corrected at this stage:

  • allowing yourself to relax;
  • by eating right;
  • getting the right amount of sleep;
  • maintaining self-confidence and a positive attitude.

Maintaining confidence can be achieved by periodic intake of safe potency drugs (like Viagra), which has allowed many men to believe in themselves again and inspired themselves to take care of themselves. Because you also need to love yourself! You can buy the drug here https://svensktapotek.net/kopa-generisk-viagra/.