Tokenization of business

Tokenization of business

Business development in today’s reality requires non-standard applied solutions. Tokenization is one of them. Now you can find specialized companies that develop projects based on blockchain.

What is tokenization?

Blockchain is the best way to attract investments in times of crisis and international sanctions. Your digital asset in blockchain is strong innovative capital. You can get a tool to attract such investments. Competent use of cryptocurrency is possible only with knowledge and experienced specialists. Stobox specialists will help you tie your token to a share, a specific company’s unit of account, a share in resources, etc.

Enhance your financial and entrepreneurial potential with smart capital raising. Tokenization is the ability to leverage resources from institutional investors and even ordinary citizens who have little understanding of your company’s operations.

Transparency and security of the smart contract investment system

Your future investors do not need to engage in expert analysis. Investing money in a specific financial or business area is based on a simple familiarity with simplified business plans and revenue models.

You have to properly evaluate the personal benefit of the economic model developed through a common effort. For crowdfunding, experts have developed a ready-made tool – a personal investor account. Mass fundraising for specific economic projects is also accompanied by legal support.

Wide possibilities of financial activity

Customers can also use their personal account as a virtual store for goods/services. Marketplace is the most comfortable environment:

  1. For payments and settlements in cryptocurrency;
  2. To develop modern forms of business;
  3. Complete or partial rejection of fiat money;
  4. To sell services and goods anywhere in the world without having to maintain currency accounts.

Digital money is a unit of account, a currency with limitless possibilities. You can get the support of specialized modern companies to help you tokenize your business.

You can get the following services:

  • Fundraising in digital currency for the development of your project or startup.
  • Transfer of existing business model to blockchain (with the possibility to pay for its services and goods in cryptocurrency).
  • Interconnection between counterparties in a personal account, it will be possible to connect it to the customer’s website. Your personal cabinet – a convenient marketplace of goods and services.

Order services for writing smart contracts, blockchain development, STO tools directly on the website. Here you will have the opportunity to explore this direction and get the services you need. Modern specialized companies are ready to offer you a full package of business tokenization and legal clearance services. This will help you actively develop your business and attract new investments. So it always makes sense to use the services of specialists.