Purchasing cryptocurrency from exchangers and ATMs

Purchasing cryptocurrency from exchangers and ATMs

Nowadays, you can find many ways to acquire cryptocurrency. In this article, we will consider buying cryptocurrency using exchangers and ATMs, as well as tell you about another modern convenient option.

Using exchangers

Today on the Internet it is not difficult to find exchange portals that are ready to transfer virtually “everything to everything”. And in all this variety you can literally get confused. Fortunately there are so-called aggregators, which accumulate information and offers from various sites and provide it to users in a convenient format. 

The advantages of withdrawing cryptocurrency into real money through exchangers are as follows:

  • Speed. Transfers to the card through exchange resources directly require quite a lot of time. Here everything can be done literally in a few tens of minutes, and in the future, even faster.
  • Simplicity. Algorithms of actions are simple and understandable even to not the most sophisticated users. People who are in some way connected with crypto will definitely cope with this task quite easily.
  • Economic feasibility. In the sense that the commissions are obtained, although more than the withdrawal through exchanges, but also not the biggest, even despite the relatively large number of intermediaries.

There is one drawback, but it must always be kept in mind. Exchangers have limited reserves. If you exchange large sums, you always need to keep an eye on this. Also, before you choose an exchanger you need to remember about its security. So, once you have chosen an exchanger, look for more information about it on the Internet. It is believed that cryptocurrency transactions are as safe as possible. However, in this case, there are several additional resources involved. For this reason, it is important to choose your exchanger wisely and cautiously. Be cautious, and everything will work out. You can also buy bitcoin another way https://cryptopay.me/buy-bitcoins.

Withdraw cryptocurrency through a terminal

In the past, when the Internet was not available to everyone, people used terminals to pay their bills. Also with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, there were similar terminals, but working only with cryptocurrencies. With their help, you can both withdraw cryptocurrency into real money, and vice versa, replenish your cryptocurrency wallet at the current rate. The relevance of this method of cashing out your cryptocurrency assets is not the most attractive. This is due to the fact that firstly, not every city has such terminals, and secondly, they have a fairly high commission, which can reach up to 11%. It turns out to be unprofitable.

Because of the problems with the legal status of cryptocurrencies, there was a lot of controversy about the legality of such terminals. Because of this there are very few of them in different countries. But if you are wondering where the nearest terminal is, you can look at the map of special services. The information about the number and location is not official. It is added by ordinary users. So, there may be cases when a terminal is not shown on the map or vice versa it is shown but not located there anymore.

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