Choosing the best gift

Choosing the best gift

Every gift is a mirror of the nature of the giver, even if they try not to show their character when buying. And to give a gift is not a duty to the person, but above all a sign of attention and respect for him. Not having free time or completely forgetting about the gift, in any case you should not entrust the purchase of a gift to another person. Even a perfectly packed gift will lose all its attractiveness after the giver leaves, ending up in a far corner.

It often happens that someone from the invited for whatever reason can not be present at the celebration: ill health, business trip, etc. In this case, ask close acquaintances to convey apologies, congratulations and a gift. Together with a gift to the celebrant should be sent a greeting card. If a loved one can not attend the celebration and sends a gift through a third party, be sure to thank him, sending him a card or letter, and the person who sends gifts. To the same person are addressed all the words that are said about the gift itself. You can also find great solutions on the Giftcards website.

A few mandatory rules that the donor must know

  1. On birthdays should give those gifts, which will only be used by the birthday boy, not his whole family.
  2. You should not give something from your collection with which it is a pity to part with, you give a gift to man, all should feel good.
  3.    It is not very nice to give your friend money and advise him how to buy something; if you really care about him it is worth the effort to think of a proper gift for him which will bring him joy, but money can look like a present and can offend him.
  4. Do not give very expensive gifts, you can put a person in an awkward position, unwittingly humiliate him or make him feel dependent on you.
  5. If you were invited to the house, which has absolutely everything, and your friend can not surprise anything, give him a gift card. Do not fall into despair and do not puzzle over how to get the money for an expensive gift, you can give an item though not valuable, but distinguished by its rarity and elegance, or wittily play up your gift. 
  6. Gift wrapping is important, take care of a nice combination of paper and ribbons.
  7. Never pass on something that was given to you, because someone wanted to make you feel good, it’s okay that it didn’t work out. 
  8. Regarding edible gifts, there is a tricky rule – they should be served immediately, this should be taken into account. 
  9. Living gifts can be given only with the prior consent of the giver. Otherwise, it will begin to be passed on. 
  10. A gift is not given in the corridor (with the exception of flowers), it is given in a room, taking your time, saying warm words.
  11. It is not a good idea to give humorous gifts which can be misunderstood.
  12. It is good if the gift is a surprise. 

And one last tip: never put off buying a gift until the last day. The gift should be thought of well in advance. Then its originality and relevance will be guaranteed. For example, you can make a great gift from a Hollister Co. card.