4 tips for winning in CS:GO

4 tips for winning in CS:GO

In today’s top, we’re going to touch on the topic of development in CS:GO. Not only beginners but also many players who got a medal often stay on the same rank for a long time and do not show any development. However, there is a way out of this situation – you need to practice, but how? We will answer this question in this article and show you how the pros practice to always stays at the same level. And if you want to have fun, you can visit the site with csgo case opening.


Movement is at the core of CS:GO. And it’s not just about how you jump, get out of corners, and crouch down fast. One of the most basic skills professional players have is the ability to move around the map well. What does that mean? You have to be able to count. Yes, you have to be able to count, which means you literally have to know how long it takes to get from point A to point B. And it’s not just a matter of flair, although it does matter. In order to become a strong player, you have to know all the timings you might need in the game. 

You can learn from the Astralis players. The Danish team very rarely loses on timing and almost always gets in on time. Luck? Certainly not. It’s just that the guys know how long it takes to screed and attack. How do you learn this? Try to time how long it takes to go from plant to plant, how long it takes to scatter, and other aspects. 


The USP and Glock are the two default pistols in CS:GO that are given out for free each round: the USP for counterterrorists and the Glock for terrorists.  Knowing how to play these guns is an important skill without which a player cannot be considered a good performer. After all, you have to play two pistol rounds in every match, and sometimes you have to do eco-rounds as well, shooting only pistols.

How do you learn to shoot these pistols? Headshots. This is where only headshots matter. Since almost all professional players buy armor in the first round, trying to kill your opponent’s body, in that case, is definitely not a wise decision. The reason is that in order to kill a player with armor to the body, you will need to take 5-6 shots. So your key to playing well will be to always aim for the head. So when firing these pistols, always try to get a headshot.

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is the big brother of USP and Glock. Players often purchase the Deagle in economic rounds, as this weapon can easily turn any round around. The advantage of the Deagle is its power. This weapon easily kills with a single bullet to the head, even at medium to long-range. It would take two bullets to the body to destroy an opponent at close range, which is also very powerful. 

What can we learn from professional players in Deagle shooting? They always take their shots wisely. You will never see a cyber athlete who will “clip” with a Deagle. More often than not, pro players shoot neatly with the Deagle, trying to get the enemy in the head. When a player is pushed, he will most often start shooting more, but the main rule is not to fire too many shots, because the recoil of this gun is much higher than normal pistols. 


This point is the most boring because few people really like to learn. But in CS:GO, just like in school, university and work, you need to know a lot in order to succeed. And what’s most frustrating is that this process takes a very long time. You can’t start winning just by waving your wand or hitting 500 kills on Aim_Botz. 

Knowledge in CS:GO is a combination of what you know with your experience and intuition. Of course, you always need to know where to go, where to put the bomb, how to spend your money and where your opponents are. All of this is achieved mainly through practice, watching games, and reading various materials. So don’t neglect it. And if you want to relax, visit this site https://csgo.net/.