Who are the Influencers on Instagram

Who are the Influencers on Instagram

Thousands of beautiful people on Instagram tell users what to drink, where to vacation, and how to have fun. Influencer marketing is a relatively new phenomenon on the expanses of social networks, but large brands have already managed to test this format of communication with the target audience. You can buy instagram followers but becoming an influencer is not so easy. Bloggers are a powerful tool in the fight for follower attention, so in today’s article we’ll tell you who influencers are.

Who is an Influencer

An Influencer is an influential media personality whose opinion is key to a certain category of people. Influencers are often called opinion leaders for a reason, because with the help of their unshakable authority they can influence people’s needs and unobtrusively push them to a concrete decision. With the development of social networks, even a separate type of marketing involving opinion leaders appeared – influencer-marketing. It helps to present the product organically and not just flood customers with direct advertising.

In 2019, the international agency Mediakix conducted a survey among marketers and found that 61% of respondents do not know how to intelligently approach the selection of an opinion leader. Let’s look at a short example. If you decide to advertise a dog food, then run away from the influencer, who recently wrote that he is allergic to fur and there is no place for animals in his house. In that case, you will only waste your advertising budget.

Where did the Influencers come from

Originally, influencers were exclusively called celebrities (movie, sports or business stars). They created profiles on social networks to which fans signed up en masse. The prospect of getting huge coverage attracted potential advertisers, but in practice things were not so rosy. Firstly, it was expensive, because stars ask for impressive fees for their work, and secondly, not always justified, because fans often realize that they are just advertising, and do not hurry to transfer their love with the object of adoration to the product / service.

Then influencers – ordinary users of social networks, who had authority among their subscribers – came into the field of vision of large companies. Their main advantage was “live” content and a high level of engagement. The term itself was formed relatively recently. This industry concept was introduced into the mainstream by marketers as conventional advertising channels began to become obsolete and the influence of social media began to grow rapidly.

Types of Influencers

To choose an influencer that will benefit you, you need to know what types they fall into. That’s what we’re going to talk about. What types of Influencers there are:

  • Bloggers. Bloggers are divided by niche and site. Understanding which niche an Influencer is in will help you approach collaborations more consciously. For example, if you’re a beauty brand, you’re unlikely to go advertising to a car fan.
  • Celebrities. This category includes actors, singers, presenters, comedians, athletes, designers. Simply put, people who are known far beyond social media.
  • Experts. Users who are well versed in a particular niche and give out professional advice to followers. Expert Influencers can be lawyers, carpenters, marketers, journalists, psychologists, doctors, etc.
  • Personal brands. An image in which your name is associated with a specific activity. 

If you want to try your hand in this direction, you first need to work on improving your account. To start with, it makes sense to find the best website to buy instagram followers and use his services. Next, you need to create a clear strategy and follow it. In the long run, you will be able to find your own followers, who will be waiting for your content.